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1.- Catedral   16.- Palacio Arzobispal
2.- Antiguo Seminario Mayor   17.- Puente de Malatos
3.- Monumento al Empecinado   18.- Palacio de la Merced
4.- Arco de San Martín   19.- Iglesia de la Merced
5.- Arco de Fernán González   20.- Arco de Santa Maria
6.- Iglesia de Santa Águeda o Santa Gadea   21.- Iglesia de San Gil
7.- Iglesia San Nicolás   22.- Iglesia San Lorenzo el Real
8.- Palacio de Castilfalé   23.- Palacio de Capitanía
9.- Catedral de Santa María   24.- Casa Cordón
10.- Iglesia de San Esteban   25.- Teatro Principal
11.- Arco de San Esteban   26.- Estatua del Cid Campeador
12.- Arco de San Gil   27.- Puente de San Pablo
13.- Palacio de la Isla   28.- Casa de Miranda e Iñigo Angulo
14.- Salesas Reales   29.- Arco San Juan
15.- Hospital de Barrantes   30.- Iglesia San Lesmes

 From the hotel Francisco Salinas, to 12 minutes walking, we come to beginning of the points of interest mas important from the city of Burgos. If we go for the voyage of the cuirasses, the first point of interest that we will be San Esteban's Arch and immediately afterwards we will be able to enjoy the church of San Esteban, the Arch San Gil and other many points that he was enjoying to every step. If on the contrary we choose the end of the street francisco salt mines to begin our tourist route, we will meet the most important Arch of St Martin, and from this point we will find the monument to the Stubborn one, Fernán's Gonzalez Arch, the church of Holy Águeda or Holy Gadea, and great others more than you will surprise for his beauty. Since there will be able the hotel Francisco Salinas, this one placed in an important point in when to distances to the points of interest of our city. If his place of interest was in another top of the city, him to inform that there are urban buses to any part from scanty meters of our hotel.